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Friday, December 3, 2010

Barn Zombies Shootup

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Many Problems Can Be Avoided

You can’t really eliminate problems but you can stay away from many of them. All of us have problems even though there are those who seem to have no problem at all. Problems make you worry and sad. What is worse is that they give you anxiety and stress which make you sick. Nobody likes problems. But why can’t we avoid having problems? Many say it’s normal to have problems and there are some who have given advices on how to cope with them. Well, I have suggestions on how to stay away from certain problems.

Before I start with my suggestions let me just mention that there are tow types of problems – those that can not be avoided and those that can be avoided. When the whole world is in economic crisis you can’t avoid having problem with the rising prizes or the closing down of the company you’re working with. But certainly you can avoid certain types of illnesses. So, if you want to avoid certain avoidable problems here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1. Keep yourself healthy. Avoid eating or drinking too much. Select healthy, natural food and drink moderately. If you are a parent you should set an example to your children and consistently remind them of the value of health. Don’t smoke. Health problems can be avoided.

2. Listen to the voice of God within you. That’s your conscience. This means you should keep God’s commandments. If you are a parent you should set the moral example to your children. Read your bible

3. Obey the laws of the land. As a good citizen you should pay your taxes, obey traffic rules and help protect the environment.

4. Be courteous and respectful and cheerful. You will find out that you will be reciprocated and have many friends.

5. Have time for very prayer, reading and relaxation.

6. Practice thrift and frugality and make it a habit to save.

Well, you may have more suggestions. If you do, that means you are aware that certain problems can be avoided and those unavoidable problems would not be very heavy on you.

In Good Company

“The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” are best when shared with others. Sports represent life. Sports display the character of players and spectators alike.

I really appreciate TV or Print ads featuring parents and children regarding sports. Their message is mainly focused on spending quality time with children. This is remarkable because along with this beautiful message is the teaching of values which children should learn in life. Sports represent life. Sports display the character of players and spectators alike. Sportsmanship is the ability to maintain proper attitude with regards to success and failure. Nobility and dignity are promoted in games played in stadiums as well as in the game of life. If we enjoy watching games with friends, we should enjoy them much more with our children.

Children should always be in good company. What could be better company for children than their parents? There is no excuse for parents who don’t spend time with their children. Being with your children in sports and not only in movies is one of the best times your children can have. It doesn’t only mean bringing them to stadiums but playing with them at home as well. Yes, you should play with them at home and trying your best to let them enjoy the games as much as possible. A father can teach their children basketball or baseball and the mother can engage them in indoor sports. No matter who you are, there is a game you can play. All you need is the sincere interest in it.

Studies show that children who go into drugs as well as children with problems come mostly from families where parents have no time or practically no time for their children. We should always have time for our children and we could always keep them in good company – our company.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Power of Personal Touch

Personal touch really makes a difference. There is the personal touch that brings healing, a touch that gives comfort or relief to somebody in need or sorrow and the personal touch that shows love and affection. The personal touch is considered a special ingredient that brings out wonderful effects.

Now, consider this. You are aware of the special effect of your touch. Why don’t you apply it to yourself as often as possible? Yes, as often as possible so that its amazing effect will always be there in your body and mind. The main advantage of your personal touch is that you know best what your body or your mind or both your body and mind need.

You probably have read books about reflexology, acupressure or Swedish massage to name some. These books are in fact very convincing, aren’t they? Why not select which one you like and apply your knowledge first and foremost for your personal needs? Another great advantage you can have is that this healing touch you have learned is available to you anytime and you don’t have to spend any money by going to a massage parlor or a PT .

Even when you are not afflicted by any illness, pain or discomfort your self massage is a good boost to your energy and immune system.

There are people who like a massage after a shower. Some prefer it after work or before sleeping. You can make your own routine whenever you want. As for myself, I do it after a shower Just a short massage of my feet, hands and face. It makes me feel alert and ready for the day’s work. And you can apply your special personal touch to your loved ones. Isn’t that wonderful?

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Rediscovering the Amazing Effect of Silence and Nature

Today we encounter problems that could really tear us down. We are worried and anxious about many things and we often feel physically and mentally spent. Perhaps the best thing to do is to what wise people have told us. This is about using the amazing power of spending time in silence and the beauty of nature. Maybe there is a need for us to be convinced once more about it.

Of course there is no need to give you any explanation that when you are resting in a quiet place you feel a release of the stress and tension in you and you are recharged once again with the energy to live your life to the fullest. There is evidence and many testimonies to this. A quiet place enables you to reactivate your power to concentrate and to heal yourself of certain illnesses.

This practice has been forgotten by many and may have been drowned by the noise and the fast pace of modern living. Some set this practice aside in favor of a vacation. However their vacation just means a temporary privilege to be excused from work to go to a place of their dream. Often however, they spend this time doing things which may not necessarily result in their having a rest and they end up being more tired.

The best place to stay to rest is a quiet place where the beauty of nature can be seen It could be a place where there are trees, green grass, beautiful plants and flowers and you breathe fresh air and feel the warm sunshine as well as the cool breeze. There, you can just sit down or lie down and close your mind to any disturbances. Rest and silence takes away the pain in your body and you feel the calming and soothing effect in your mind and nerves. It really makes you feel good. Silence enhances your natural powers. Silence cultivates your wisdom and strengthens your will power.

So why not spend some time everyday in a quiet place? You can do it during the day or at night. It is a very easy and inexpensive practice. You shouldn’t wait until vacation for this. Avail the amazing power of true relaxation in a silent place where the refreshing, healing and energizing beauty of nature gets into your system.

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